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ITBS Practice Tests  Improving Your Preparation and Performance on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills

If your child is enrolled in Iowa Public Schools, then he or she will be tested by the standardized Iowa assessments during each of their academic years in grades 3 through 8. These assessments are designed to ensure that all instructors, schools, and students are successfully working towards meeting and exceeding the standards of the curriculum for each grade level.

The Iowa Test of Basic Skills

Also known as the ITBS Test, the Iowa Test of Basic Skills cover a spectrum of subjects and topics. While the tests specifically assess skills and topics that are unique to each grade level, most of the ITBS exams evaluate students on core concepts such as:

  • Reading comprehension (including vocabulary, critical reading, etcetera)

  • Writing conventions (including spelling, punctuation, grammar, usage, and expression)

  • Mathematics (math problem solving, computation, and other related concepts relevant to each grade level)

  • Science and social sciences (utilizing resources such as maps, diagrams, and other reference materials)

Adding to these general focus areas, each grade level may assess studentís abilities in other related areas. For example, the 3rd grade ITBS evaluates each studentís hearing and listening skills. While each test varies to cover diverse concepts, the ITBS Tests are created to directly align with the curriculum for each grade and subject area.

ITBS Test Prep

If your elementary or middle school child is eager to review and prepare for their upcoming assessment, then both teachers and parents can utilize resources that are specifically structured to boost student comprehension and performance. Specifically, ITBS practice can be found from programs such as

With a variety of practice materials, provides students with information, structured practice, and numerous questions for each subject area. Specifically, parents can opt to use either the online or traditional (printed) workbooks.

While traditional, printed materials allow students to concretely write and annotate their questions and answers, the online ITBS prep materials offer modernized features that can provide more thorough feedback and results. Specifically, with the online tests, students are able to engage in practice concepts with additional bonus features such as:

  • Automatic ITBS Prep scoring

  • Monitored progress and improvement

  • Tracked results and achievement on graphs and charts

With either option, individuals can take advantage of the parental support sections, as well as the focused and precise practice and review questions.

Benefits of ITBS Test Prep

By engaging in effective ITBS practice, students are far more likely to successfully pass and excel on each grade levelís ITBS Test. As test results may influence a childís self-esteem, confidence, and overall academic pathway, it is in a childís best interest to thoroughly review and prepare for their assessment.

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